Fools for thinking we could leave

We set off yesterday after having said goodbye to Sunny (joel’s pet stuffed monkey), handsome Joel and everyone and even getting a round of applause to see us off.  Just before, mike joked about how stupid it would be if we forgot to collect our passports from reception and went back upstairs to get the deposit. We got to a country road with two big puddles in the middle that mike clearly underestimated because he went “I’m going to get my wife a bit wet” and managed to get himself stuck knee-deep in some mud with me on the sidelines aching from laughter. We cycled for about 4 hours and then a few things happened within the next hour that quite significantly shaped our day: first I needed a break because I got pins and needles in my hand. Five minutes after we set off after taking that break mike got a puncture that took about twenty minutes to fix. Then we realised we were really quite tired already and considered staying at a spa hotel but decided against it, and after another twenty minutes of riding, mike suddenly goes “I haven’t got our passports.” Luckily, he realised that at the terminal stop of a train that left for Budapest in two minutes. And the jagertrain back at grandio for us it was. We were glad to be back to see Sunny and handsome Joel who were psyched to see us back. They are good.

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