First day on the road – Hainburg

Well we didn’t quite make it to Bratislava but after setting off at 2pm due to a few too many departing drinks last night we’re quite proud of the 75km it took to get us here!


We nearly stayed in Vienna thanks to cycling past a huge bank holiday rave at the side of the Donau that looked like too much fun to miss.  Just another one of those things that reminds me why I love Vienna so much.  Following the rave was at least 5km of naked people people just chilling out at the edge of the river, then being a bank holiday another 5km of barbeques where we felt like we were in Serbia already: who else cooks a full size pig in the local park.
Then came a looking stretch of cycle paths called donauauenradweg. Gliding along next to fields, a few swamps, a swans nest and untouched forest all drenched in the soft light of the setting sun was exactly what we had hoped this trip would be like.
We managed to set the tent up just before dark in a farmers field near hainburg and are now chilling out in the local restaurant. Today was a very good day.


Test ride

Only two days until we set off now so we took the bikes for a test ride yesterday to Kathi’s parents up in Wienerwald. Happy to say it was a success now we’re much less worried about the trip.  I’m guessing Kathi’s bike weighs 45 kilos including water and mine is closer to 65 but we still cycled up all the hills and even managed some singletrack!  Kathi’s bike is only 20 speed so I thought it could be a problem.

The idiot of the day award was down to me for putting the cleat on Kathi’s shoe upside down, or actually downside up, then proceeded to round out the bolts attempting to fix it!  Good job we could still use the drill.

On Wednesday we leave for Gyor where there is a campsite with a spa and if all goes well we’ll be in Budapest in time for some well deserved drinks on Saturday night.

Almost time to leave

It’s Saturday night and I have two more days of work left next Monday and Tuesday before choosing to become unemployed for the next two years.  I should be out partying but instead I’m just sat here becoming more and more excited about finally setting off.  It seems strange that from next Wednesday onwards the only responsibility I’ll have on a daily basis is to push my pedals, not to get lost and not to lose my wife – although not necessarily in that order.