Time to say goodbye to budapest

So after three days of extensive partying including a booze cruise down the Danube, a pub crawl and a baths party and some painful hangovers cured by shopping at the chinese markets and drinking through them, it is now time to leave for serbia. According to some information from the amazingly lovely gay serbian journalist, dracula (yes, it’s his real name!), we should avoid going to kosovo – i think we might just follow his advice. Just to give you an idea of what partying in budapest is like: after the first night out, we pretty much knew all the hostel guests and staff, I was made to propose to a fantastic gingerhaired welshman who then said no just because he could and yes when mike did, we crashed a random houseparty to which we lost a member of the group who came wandering home at 10 am the next morning, we got pizza from the tiniest shop with bouncers, mike wore a shiny silver g-string dong-bag with a fluffy end to the baths party and mike lost his only pair of shoes. Safe to say we are coming back a 7th or so time – budapest and the staff from grandio party hostel really know their business when it comes to showing you the time of your life.

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