Hagia Sofia

The journey from Vidin to Sofia was in parts breathtaking and we were initially excited to be spending 2 nights in the city but once we arrived we realised we’d left the GPS in Vidin and waiting for it meant the two nights quickly turned into 4. As it turned out this was not a disappointment. We stayed in a hostel called Hostel Mostel which offered free pool, a great free breakfast, free evening meal with beer, free WiFi and computers to use plus some of the most helpful staff we have met. We met a good group of people and had a great time.


The gorge from Vidin to Sofia, it was hard to take it all in with a camera.


The ladies market was one of the highlights but it’s called the ladies market due to selling fruit and veg mainly, sorry ladies but not many clothes!


The oldest and the only mosque in Sofia


Sofia is lucky to have a 2500m mountain overlooking the city which had snow on top at this time of year and can easily be seen from the high street.


Food from the local monasteries in one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to.


The new pedestrianised high street


Sorry for the lack of text in this post but we cycled up to 1400m today and are both shattered!

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